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A Taste of Europe

German Salami & Gouda


Pair together this German Salami (with its slightly sour tang from our traditional fermentation technique) and the Dutch Gouda for a culinary European Union.


Spread your blanket out under a tree or next to a patch of daffodils for an instant picnic cheese board for two.

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GERMAN SALAMI Pork, Salt, Spices (mustard), Sugars (glucose solids, dextrose), Sodium ascorbate, Bacterial culture, Sodium nitrite, Vinegar, Smoke. May contain: Milk. GOUDA CHEESE Pasteurized milk, Bacterial culture, Salt, Microbial enzyme, Annatto colour.

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How it's Made

We make the German Salamis for Freybe’s German Salami & Gouda by applying our traditional fermentation process to give our quality blend of pork, mustard, and vinegar its distinctive sour tang. We hand-craft our salamis before they are fermented, lightly smoked and patiently air-dried for four to six weeks in the time-honoured tradition to create a classic European dry cure salami. All of our salamis are made in Canada using traditional German techniques and quality cuts of pork. We pair this salami with a gouda cheese because we know that you know a great flavour combination when you see it.