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Old Fashioned Ham Garlic Sausage


Lactose Free

Prepare to be surprised by the delicate flavours of this unabashedly imposing garlic sausage; the recipe has been in our family for generations.


Go old-school with this classic sausage by accompanying it with sauerkraut and a smooth German-style mustard.

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Pork, water, salt, glucose, spices, sodium phospate, garlic, dextrose, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite, mustard, smoke.

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How it's Made

We follow an heirloom central European recipe for Freybe’s Old Fashioned Ham Garlic Sausage. The traditional process spices cuts of pork with black pepper and garlic to create a sausage with a mild, delicate flavour. We take pride in our sausage-making traditions that have been handed down our family for more than six generations. We honour their cumulative inter-generational expertise by taking the time to ensure that each Freybe sausage goes through the traditional processes that gives them their distinctive flavours.