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Since 1844, Freybe has been dedicated to perfecting the art of gourmet, handcrafted meats. Using only the finest European cuts and genuine ingredients since the beginning, we have set the standard for premium taste and quality for 6 generations. Because when gourmet meats are crafted with the care and passion they deserve, the result is what matters most: taste as it should be.

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Freybe’s diverse range of carefully crafted pork, beef and poultry products are the result of over 170 years of culinary passion. Traditional sausages or exciting charcuterie selections, each product reflects our old world roots and a shared dedication for unparalleled taste.

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Since our beginnings in 1844, we’ve always believed exquisite flavour begins with quality ingredients and production standards. Quality defines us as a company, and elevated us from the small sausage storefront of our roots to where we are today.

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Freybe products are proudly featured in supermarkets and grocers across Canada. We only distribute to retailers who are as dedicated to the level of quality and safety that we uphold.

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