Join a legacy six generations in the making.

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As we add flavour, a dash of colour, and more than a hint of adventure in everything we do. If you want to join a team passionate about sharing great food and making the most out of every moment, then you’re in the right place. 

What’s it like being a part of the Freybe Team?

The food

Yes, of course, there is the delicious food you get to try all the time. True story, like any good gettogether, our kitchen is the office’s real gathering place.

A great environment

Freybe is a place of trust. You can always try new things, and it’s even okay to fail, because our team will have your back.

A place of curiosity

We aren’t just concerned with great food and incredible flavour, our team is also mindful of guiding our customers to wise choices too.

On a mission

We’re also a team that’s on a mission on how food can elevate our daily experiences. And we’re going to achieve that together.

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We’re always looking for passionate team members who can help continue the legacy of Freybe long into the future.
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