About Us

Since 1844, the Freybe name has been synonymous with forward-thinking innovation, unparalleled quality and outstanding taste. With diverse products ranging from delectable salamis to traditionally crafted sausages, Freybe has received over 600 international medals for culinary excellence since its modest beginnings.

If trends and the times have changed, our commitment to meticulous craftsmanship, exquisite flavour and the finest imported ingredients have not. We still opt to craft our meats with absolute care, using only the finest cuts and imported ingredients. Why? Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned after 6 generations of culinary passion, it’s that nothing tastes quite like the difference quality makes. So whether its our small batch all natural sausages or delectable snackable offerings, you can trust Freybe to deliver quality you can rely on, and a taste that you’ll love.


In 1844, Freybe was founded in Stettin, Poland (then Prussia) by “Sausage Meister” Johann Carl Freybe. His great tasting, high quality sausage transformed his small store into a family business that would be passed on from generation to generation.

1955 saw Johann’s great-grandson – Ulrich Freybe – beginning a new chapter in Freybe’s history by moving to Vancouver, Canada. Seeing the potential for his family’s signature sausages in the local market, Ulrich opened a small production facility on Georgia Street with his younger brother Walter.

Ulrich’s hunch transformed into what can only be called a Canadian success story. Demand for Freybe’s traditionally crafted meats skyrocketed, and the company had to keep up. The family quickly expanded their operations.

As the years went on and the Freybe name continued to win over the palettes of Canadians across the board, our growing family business moved to a state-of-the-art facility in 2001. Specifically tailored to allow us to expand its product range to satisfy and inspire the appetites of food lovers across Canada and beyond, we know our long standing commitment to quality and taste perfection would make Johann proud.

We take pride in our roots, and constantly seek ways to incorporate everything we’ve learned from 6 generations of culinary greatness into each of our exciting and diverse products. Whether we’re creating exciting new tastes for the charcuterie trend or crafting our traditional sausages the old world way, we invite you to taste and revel in the difference that a history of excellence, quality and passion makes.