We have the same unwavering commitment to the products we create as we do to the communities we support.

Freybe can’t be Freybe without our communities

We are proud to live and operate our business in British Columbia, where we actively engage in supporting local community events and organizations.

When you support Freybe you support your community

Investing In Our Future

Since 2004 we have provided 43 scholarships and $83,000 in financial support to students enrolled in UBC’s Faculty of Land and Food Systems, with the Ulrich Freybe Memorial Scholarship in Food Nutrition and Health, and the Graduate Prize in Food Sciences.
Credit: University of British Columbia

Making Food Safety A Priority

In 1935 Ulrich Freybe became the fourth generation Freybe to earn his Master of Sausage Making diploma. In 2014, the Freybe family supported the renovation of UBC’s Food Safety Laboratory in his honor. The Ulrich Freybe Food Safety Lab helps to understand microorganisms that threaten food safety, security and public health.
Credit: University of British Columbia

Researching The Connection Between Food And Mental Health

In 2021, we increased our support to UBC with an award in Nutrition and Dietetics to advance research in mental health and the food-to-brain connection.

Mental Health Ambassadors

At Freybe, mental health is everything. It’s not just a program we follow, it's how we lead and care for others every day.
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Get Freybe involved in your community event or charity

We actively support local events and organizations around British Columbia. Let us know how we can get involved with yours.
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