Everything you needed to know about Freybe and our products but were afraid to ask.

Quality & General FAQs

What do you mean by ‘natural ingredients’?

At Freybe, our Naturally products are made only with ingredients defined by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as natural.

What is charcuterie?

How long do you have? We could talk about this for a bit. But in short, charcuterie (pronounced ‘shar-Koo-ter-ee’) is the fine slice and cured meats that are served on platters paired up with cheese, crackers, fruits, spreads, and of course great friends.

Where do you make all this delicious stuff?

We are proud to make the majority of our products right here in Langley, British Columbia on Coast Salish lands and acknowledge the traditional territories of the q̓ic̓əy̓ (Katzie), (q̓ʷɑ:n̓ƛ̓ən̓) Kwantlen, Máthekwi (Matsqui), and se’mya’me (Semiahmoo) First Nations. A few of our salamis are made in Germany. Want to learn more, head over to our quality page.

Why is my beef iridescent?

Great question. On the naturally occurring dense muscle fibres on premium cut slices of roast beef you see an iridescent colour at different angles when exposed to light. This is normal, harmless, and has no effect on food safety, taste, or texture.

Are Freybe products ready to eat?

You bet! All our products are fully cooked, dry cured and ready to eat. So yes, if you’re on your way home from the store, you can grab a sneaky salami, we don’t mind. Some of our products including our sausages and back bacon taste even best when grilled or cooked to perfection.

Okay, I'm sold, where do I buy them? Can I buy them directly?

You can check out our where to find Freybe products near you. Or our customer service team can inform you where to find Freybe gourmet meats. Currently we don’t sell our products online or directly to consumers.

Ingredient & Allergen FAQs

Okay, what are the spices and spice extracts listed in the ingredients?

Our founder, the “Sausage Meister” Johann Carl Freybe, won’t let us share the exact recipe for obvious reasons. Many delicious reasons actually. But don’t worry if you have a sensitivity to a major allergen, contact our team and we can address any of your questions or concerns.

Are Freybe products antibiotic free?

We have a great range of products that are antibiotic free and are always looking for new ways to increase both the quality of our products and expand our selection of antibiotic free meats.

Are there nitrites/nitrates in your products?

Yes, our products contain sodium nitrite with the exception of our Naturally Freybe and Organically Freybe product lines, along with our Weisswurst, Thuringia and Das Brat sausages. Mmm. Das Brats. These questions are making me hungry.

What are nitrites anyway?

Great question. Quick storytime, nitrates/nitrites are really just the salts most commonly used to cure meats. It’s what provides that rich flavour and the distinctive deep red colour, while also inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. Fun fact, while nitrites/nitrates are very common in deli meats, they are naturally occurring in a large variety of foods including spinach, arugula, cabbage and beets.

Are Freybe products safe for those with gluten and lactose allergies?

Yes! All Freybe products are gluten and lactose free. The only exception are our products that also contain cheese.

How do I find out if a Freybe product contains something I'm sensitive too?

Don’t worry, we got you. Every package of Freybe is clearly labeled with an ingredients list. And our labels should provide all the information you need to make the right food choice for your diet. If you need to, our customer service team is available with any further questions or concerns you might have.

What are the casings made of?

At Freybe we only use naturally hog, beef or sheep casings. The one exception is our Freybe pepperoni products which uses collagen casings — an all natural alternative to traditional sausage casings rendered from meat products including beef hides.

Usage & Storage FAQs

How long do Freybe products last after you open them?

If there are any left over (we struggle with this part) they can be enjoyed 3-5 days after opening if wrapped and refrigerated. Each label contains suggested consumption times.

Where can I find the expiry date on my Freybe product?

All of our other products feature a best before date that’s either stickered on, or on the front or back of the package. For our sliced deli and salami products it can be found on the vertical edge on the left or right hand side.

Do I have to refrigerate my Freybe products? Can I freeze them?

First things first, all of our products require refrigeration with the exception of our dry pepperoni, Landjaeger, Swiss Farmer and Dry Spanish Chorizo. Now, about freezing. We do not recommend freezing as it may affect the taste and texture of our products. For ideal storage and consumption guidelines, just check out the back of any of our packages.

Don’t see your question answered?

You can ask our team anything anytime. Just drop us a line.  

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