Frequently Asked Questions

Every Freybe Naturally product is made solely with ingredients all defined as natural by the CFIA.

Most Freybe products can be enjoyed 3-5 days after opening if kept refrigerated and wrapped. As always, consult the label on any of our products for specific suggested consumption times.

Our special blend of spices and spice extracts are proprietary. With that said, if you have a sensitivity that is not a major allergen, a member of our customer service team would be happy to address any of your questions or concerns.

The majority of our products are made in British Columbia in HACCP and SQF certified manufacturing facilities. Our Organically Freybe line and some of our salamis are produced in BRC and HACCP certified facilities in Germany.

Pronounced ‘shar-Koo-ter-ee,’ the term is mostly used to refer to fine sliced and cured meats usually served on platters along fine cheeses, fruits and crackers.

Naturally occurring dense muscle fibers on premium cut slices of roast beef produce an iridescent colour at different angles when exposed to light. This colour is normal and harmless, and has zero effect upon food safety, taste or texture.

We proudly serve a range of products that boast being Antibiotic Free. We’re always looking for new ways to increase the quality of our products, and are currently working hard to expand our selection of Antibiotic Free meats.

Our products contain sodium nitrite with the exception of the Naturally Freybe and Organically Freybe product lines, along with our Weisswurst, Thuringia and Das Brat sausages.

Our products contain sodium nitrite with the exception of the Naturally Freybe and Organically Freybe product lines, along with our Weisswurst, Thuringia and Das Brat sausages.

Nitrates/nitrites are salts most commonly used to cure meats. They provide rich flavour and a distinctive deep red colour, while also inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. While nitrites/nitrates are very common in deli meats, they are naturally occurring in a large variety of foods including spinach, arugula, cabbage and beets.

All Freybe products are gluten and lactose free except for select products that contain cheese.

Our clearly labeled ingredients list on our product labels should provide all the information you need to make the right food choice for your diet. Contact our customer service team with any questions or concerns you might have.

The expiry date on our sliced deli and salami products are found on the vertical edge on the left or right hand side. All of our other products feature a best before date that’s either stickered on, or on the front or back of the package.

All Freybe products are fully cooked, dry cured and ready to eat. With that said, some of our products including our sausages and back bacon taste best when grilled or cooked to perfection.

All Freybe products require refrigeration with the exception of our dry pepperoni, Landjaeger, Swiss Farmer and Dry Spanish Chorizo. We do not recommend freezing as it may affect the taste and texture of our products. For ideal storage and consumption guidelines, look to the back of any of our packages.

Our products use naturally hog, beef or sheep casings. Freybe pepperoni products use collagen casings — an all natural alternative to traditional sausage casings rendered from meat products including beef hides.

Our customer service team can inform you where to find Freybe gourmet meats. We do not currently sell our products online or direct to consumers.

Organically Freybe FAQs

Organically Freybe products are certified organic by a German external organic certification body, GfRS Gesellschaft fur Ressourcenschutz mbH. The organic certification is recognized by Canada under an equivalency arrangement with the European Union, which Germany is a member of. That is why we can display the Canada Organic logo on our labels.

In accordance with the Canadian organic standards we ensure that at least 95% of our products’ ingredients are organic. Due to the unavailability of organic versions of certain types of ingredients, some non-pork ingredients are organic while others are not.

Freybe is dedicated to sourcing locally whenever possible. Unfortunately, a limited supply of Canadian organic pork makes it difficult for us to produce these organic products here in Canada. We are fortunate to have numerous organic pork farms in close proximity to our partner’s production facilities in Germany, lowering transportation distances from finishing to production. Not only do we find this reduces our ecological footprint, but it also keeps production costs low--a savings we can pass on to our customers.

Since Freybe’s beginnings 170-plus years ago in Germany, we are committed to providing high-quality, delicatessen specialties that our customers ask for by name. Organically Freybe products, specially prepared for us by our like-minded German partner, are the newest examples of this long-standing tradition.

All Organically Freybe products are made with pork that was raised on farms which are members of Biopark, an organic farm association. Every Biopark farm is also a member of the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM). Aside from following Biopark’s strict guidelines, all Biopark farms must meet or exceed IFOAM’s standards in order to be classified as organic.

Biopark organic standards meet or exceed all Canadian organic requirements. While both are based on the tenets of raising livestock in the healthiest of living conditions, Biopark farms adhere to stricter requirements that result in more sustainable farming practices. For example, 50% of the feed given to Biopark-raised pork must be grown the same farm.

Biopark farmers who supply our organic pork practice humane animal husbandry that respects the animals’ well being. Beyond the foundation of freedom to roam, quality feed, and natural health care, farmers aim to minimize any animal’s pain and suffering. Caging of animals is forbidden, as is the practice of tooth cutting and docking of tails. Tethering or isolation is only permitted when safety or health issues require such treatment, and then for only limited amounts of time.

The animals are given access to sunlight, shade, fresh air and clean water. This includes room to roam in natural, uncrowded pastures. The animals’ free-run environment includes protection from the elements provided by indoor facilities that are temperature- and humidity-controlled to provide optimal comfort and health.

Animal health and welfare is the number one concern on all of our partners’ Biopark farms. These farms aim to maintain herds of strong, healthy animals that inherit robust immune systems through use of naturopathic remedies and homeopathic medicines. Treatment with conventional medicines may be used to avoid unnecessary suffering; however, legally-prescribed waiting periods must be logged before the animals are brought to market. Genetically-engineered vaccines are strictly forbidden.

Over 50% of the feed given to Organically Freybe pigs is grown on the same farms that the animals are raised on. This, and all other feed given to the pigs, is always vegetarian and non-GMO. Feed antibiotics are not permitted under organic agriculture. The animals are never fed bio-waste or feed made from animal byproducts. And, they are never given hormones, the use of which is prohibited under both organic and conventional pork production regulations.