Corporate Responsibility

We understand that our actions have economic, social and environmental implications. That’s why we always insist on following strict guidelines for corporate responsibility. Much like our commitment to delivering quality, traditionally crafted products, our commitment to sustainability is unwavering.

Here’s how we meet and exceed our corporate responsibility goals:


Freybe would not exist as it does today without integrity. From the ingredients that go into our products, to where and how our products are produced and sold, integrity is what’s driven our business forward since the very beginning.


Whenever is possible, we leverage a forward-thinking approach and use only what we need to reduce environmental impacts. We hold our manufacturers and suppliers to the highest corporate and environmental standards, and only work with those who share our commitment to sustainability. We actively promote an internal culture of reduced impact and sustainability by supporting car and bike-sharing programs to reduce our carbon footprint.


We proudly live and do business in beautiful British Columbia. Because of that, we actively support local community events to raise awareness and funds for important charitable causes. It’s an important part of Freybe’s internal culture, so we frequently deliver accolades to members of our team who contribute towards such noble endeavors.