Quality Standards


Using only premium cuts produced in BC or imported from our German homeland, we use the finest ingredients to deliver our world-renowned flavour. To uphold the quality that distinguishes us, we never use mechanically deboned meats, textured meats or fillers of any kind. It’s the only way we can achieve the quality we strive for, and it’s the only way we craft every gourmet product.


Freybe’s meats are produced in facilities that meet the highest of standards. Meats produced in facilities in BC are routinely federally tested, and are both HACCP and SQF certified. Freybe’s bulk and organic salami selections are imported from state-of-the art HACCP and BRC certified facilities in Germany. All told, we go the distance to ensure our processing facilities meet and exceed our standards for food safety and excellence.


Our meats are naturally low in carbohydrates and lactose and gluten free. Note that Freybe products including clearly labeled cheese ingredients are not lactose free.