Herb Salami


Lactose Free

Freybe’s salamis combine old-world traditions with modern flavours. Based on an authentic Central European recipe, our Herb Salami combines the finest cuts of pork complemented by an aromatic, French inspired blend of thyme, savory, rosemary, and lavender. After our salami is lightly hardwood smoked, it is patiently aged for up to six weeks. The result is a beautifully well-balanced, mellow flavour that makes Freybe’s Herb Salami irresistibly delicious.

Serving Suggestion:
Simply add to any pasta or homemade pizza for added flavour, or serve beside cheese, olives, and soft bread.


Pork, Salt, Spices, Glucose syrup solids, Dextrose, Sodium ascorbate, Bacterial culture, Sodium nitrite, Vinegar, Smoke. Coating: Water, Herbs, Spices, Gelatin, Vinegar.

Nutritional Facts: