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Cognac Pâté

Fully Cooked


Lactose Free

Keep it classy with this perfectly textured pâté. It finely balances a creaminess with just enough texture to keep your mouth entertained while your taste buds get excited over the rich savoury flavour with a delicate hint of cognac.


Upgrade your lunch with a healthy spread of Cognac Pâté de Foie on some toasted brioche.

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Pork, pork liver, water, salt, dextrose, flavouring, glucose, sodium citrate, spices and spice extracts, onions, cognac brandy, garlic, sodium phosphate, sugar vanillin, sodium erythorbate, mustard powder, sodium nitrite. Gelatin topping: water, black olives, gelatin, vinegar, red bell peppers, salt, caramel.

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