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Fully Cooked


Lactose Free

No Added Nitrates

Bite into a pork Weisswurst and experience one of those heavenly moments when your mouth is so busy salivating with fresh flavours that you can’t stop the juice from dribbling down your chin.


Pair the lemony notes of this sausage with a chimichurri sauce for a sandwich that will awaken your taste buds and make your day.

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Pork, water, salt, sodium phosphate, spices (contains mustard), onion powder, parsley, lemon juice powder.

Nutritional Facts:

How it's Made

We craft Freybe’s Weisswurst by using quality pork cuts and accenting the flavour with a hint of parsley and lemon. We take pride in our sausage-making traditions that have been handed down our family for more than six generations. We honour their cumulative inter-generational expertise by taking the time to ensure that each Freybe sausage goes through the traditional German processes that gives them their distinctive flavours.