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Pepper Pâté

Fully Cooked


Lactose Free

Savour the subtle textures of this Pâté de Foie as the warmth of the pepper starts smoothly and slowly radiates through your mouth. Best enjoyed with a few friends.


Make yourself a few crostinis. This Pepper Pâté has the right bite to hold its own alongside a red onion marmalade or a bold red wine.


Pork, pork liver, water, salt, peppers, dextrose, flavouring, glucose, sodium citrate, spices and spice extracts, onions, garlic, sodium phosphate, sugar vanillin, sodium erythorbate, mustard powder, sodium nitrite. Gelatin topping: water, gelatin, vinegar, salt, red bell peppers, peppers, caramel.

Nutritional Facts: