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Parmesano Salami


If you’re a fan of the tastes and aromas of northern Italian cooking, good news, you’ve found your salami. Savour the perfect pairing as the natural flavours of the parmesan bring a nutty, saltiness to our german-style salami.


You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a charcuterie board all on its own, but not quite. Round it out with a few slices of rustic bread, some olives and a slightly acidic red wine, like a cab franc or a nebbiolo.


Pork, salt, mustard seed, glucose, dextrose, spices, sodium ascorbate, lactic acid starter culture, sodium nitrite, vinegar, smoke. Coating: parmesan cheese (pasteurized milk, salt, lipase, bacterial culture, microbial enzyme, calcium chloride), water, gelatin, vinegar.

Nutritional Facts:

How it's Made

We carefully hand-dip Freybe’s Parmesano Salami in authentic Parmesan cheese to intensify its tantalizingly tangy-nutty flavour. We hand-craft our salamis before they are fermented, lightly smoked and patiently air-dried for four to six weeks in the time-honoured tradition to create a classic European dry cure salami. All of our salamis are made in Canada using premium cuts of meat.