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Skinless Beef Smokies

Fully Cooked


Lactose Free

You’ll find these beef smokies tick all the boxes on your smokie checklist. The beef, herbs, and aromatics give you a fully rounded flavour.


For a meal that has the Yin and Yang of flavours and textures, pair the mild spices of your Beef Smokies with a creamy red cabbage slaw.

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Beef, water, glucose, salt, spices, sodium phosphate, garlic, onion, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite, mustard, smoke.

How it's Made

We create the slightly sweet, smoky aroma of Freybe’s Skinless Beef Smokies by mildly spicing quality beef cuts with black pepper, celery, and marjoram. We take pride in our sausage-making traditions that have been handed down our family for more than six generations. We honour their cumulative inter-generational expertise by taking the time to ensure that each Freybe sausage goes through the traditional processes that gives them their distinctive flavours.