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Sweet Honey Garlic

Fully Cooked


Lactose Free

Tuck into a milder pepperoni with the sweet barbecue taste of these Honey Garlic Snackers. When you’re doling out the snacks, you can let them know that there’s no heat, only a tangy, smoky sweetness.


Toss these in your climbing bag for a protein-rich snack when you’re heading outdoors. Just remember to wipe the chalk off your hands before grabbing one.

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Pork, water, honey, glucose, salt, mustard, spices and spice extracts, garlic, sugar, dextrose, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite, canola oil, smoke.

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How it's Made

We create the natural sweet and savoury taste of Freybe’s Sweet Honey Garlic Snackers by preparing our cuts of pork with aromatics and blending the result to the perfect consistency. Once we’ve stuffed our Sweet Honey Garlic Snackers into their casings, we take the time to hard-wood smoke them until they’re thoroughly dried, ready to eat, and brimming with that famous Freybe flavour.