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A Taste of Europe

German-Style Deli Cuts

Sans gluten

Sans lactose

Keep everyone happy at lunchtime with a variety of meats that ranges from juicy smoked ham, to mild Lyoner Sausage and seasoned Jagdwurst


Create a sandwich worthy of a New York deli, with layer upon layer of three delicious sliced deli meats.




Kaiser Jagdwurst Sausage – A uniquely German sausage crafted with ground pork and coarse belly pieces, seasoned with coriander and mace for a slightly tart but warming flavour Hardwood Smoked Ham – A classic favourite, our ham is expertly seasoned and smoked over a blend of hardwood chips and never has fillers Lyoner Sausage – Inspired by a historic recipe passed on through 6 generations, our Lyoner is a Germanic specialty with mild flavours of nutmeg and pepper the whole family will love

Nutritional Facts: